[pygtk] gobject.timeout_add() won't work after calling gtk.threads_init() on windows xp

Todong Ma gbstack08 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 19:39:12 WST 2013

On 2013/6/26 18:56, Todong Ma wrote:
> Hi, everyone
> Following simple code will hang forever on windows XP, and the "check 
> dialog" text is never outputted to console. The window created in the 
> code showed but is blocked (when I move mouse into the window area, 
> the mouse pointer is always a "loading" icon)
> */|import  gtk
> import  gobject
> def  checkDialog():
>    print  'check dialog'
>    return  True
> gobject.timeout_add(500,  checkDialog)
> gtk.threads_init()
> w=  gtk.Window()
> w.show()
> gtk.main()|/*
> While same code works well on Windows 7
> Runtime details: Windows XP SP3, python 2.7.5, pytgtk-2.24-allinone
Just now Juhaz on the IRC channel told me I should try 
gtk.gdk.threads_init() or gobject.threads_init() instead of 
Then I tried them and found it works by using gobject.threads_init()!

Thank you all!
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