[pygtk] Create hbox control from code

Petr Kubánek petr at kubanek.net
Tue Mar 20 04:42:58 WST 2012


if you mean "to specify how many objects to put into hbox", you just add
(using pack_start/pack_end methods) objects you want, this is how you
specify how many fields will hbox hold.

If you mean spacing between objects, there are HBox methods for that
(set_spacing method or spacing parameter for HBox constructor).

Hope this helps.


cristian abarzúa píše v Po 19. 03. 2012 v 17:22 -0300:
> Hi.
> I need to create a control hbox from code, giving the number of 
> horizontal spaces to create, (the way it does glade), but can not find how.
> Any suggestions are welcome.
> Regards
> Cristian
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