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Giuseppe Penone giuspen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 21:26:05 WST 2012

you can download http://www.giuspen.com/cherrytree and have fun, the glade
file is edited with *glade 3.10* and has a minimum requirement of *gtk 2.20*
no hacking was done, after opening my already existing glade file I clicked
file--properties and I did set the requirement to 2.20 since it was the
lower version available in the radiobutton.

>> Let me correct Jérôme: it's wrong that glade 3.10 does not supports
>> gtk2, actually requires gtk 2.20.
> No. Glade 3.8.x is for GTK+ 2.X & Glade 3.10.x is for GTK+ 3.X
> Both versions can be installed in parallel into the same prefix.
>  Finally I wish that the pygtk all in one installer for windows will be
>> available soon for PyGobject - GTK3
>> otherwise porting cross platform apps is not possible.
> The good news:
> - PyGObject win32 port is complete afaik (needs loads of testing)
> The not so good news:
> - GObject-Introspection win32 port is not complete, but
>  mostly functional. See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=620566
> - GTK+3 on win32 is usable but has serious themeing work
>  that still needing to be done (engines are out, css is the
>  new way of doing things, but its win32 support is not yet complete).
>  The default theme (Raleigh) or some other theme like Adwaita
>  can be used instead, but most win32 people hate doing so...
> - Glade 3.10 doesn't build ootb, patches are being prepared, but:
> - GLib's handling of "special paths" on win32 (g_get_home_dir,
>  g_get_tmp_dir, g_get_user_data_dir, ... so most everything in
>  glib/gutils.c) has issues that need to be fixed first...
> That last point is blocking Glade 3.10, g-i and in very specific
> cases GTK+3 gsettings schema handling and who knows what else
> and is what I'm currently working on.
> Expecting all this to be fixed "soon" sounds like wishful
> thinking at best ;)
> For those adventurous enough, there are experimental builds
> coming with PyGObject linked against Python 2.7 (that *do not*
> integrate with Python like you're used to):
> http://optionexplicit.be/projects/gnome-windows/GTK+3/
> 0) Do not ask me for builds supporting other Python versions
> 1) You'll have to remove the PyGTK All-in-one installer (or
>   deactivate it's pygtk.pth file, eg by renaming it to
>   pygtk.pth.bak) to be able to use this bundle.
> 2) Extract the bundle to C:\GTK+3
> 3) Create C:\GTK+3\testpygobject.bat (the name of the file
>   doesn't matter, choose something better if you wish) with
>   the following contents (adapt paths as needed):
> set PATH=C:\GTK+3\bin;%PATH%
> set PYTHONPATH=C:\GTK+3\lib\site-packages
> set GI_TYPELIB_PATH=C:\GTK+3\lib\girepository-1.0
> c:\python27\python.exe
> 4) Run C:\GTK+3\testpygobject.bat and type away at the Python prompt :)
> If you decide to test these binaries:
> - patches welcome
> - note again that all this is *experimental*
> - do *not* use on production systems
> - there is *no* support
> - you are expected to be able to debug your own problems
> - you are on your own
> - there is no warranty
> - <insert legalese here>
> Have fun!
> mvg,
> Dieter
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