[pygtk] importing list from another python file

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Wed Oct 26 07:59:09 WST 2011

Hi Ravi.

Why don't use the class ConfigParser, for save your config.


Best Regards.


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>Hello all,

>I am using python and pygtk to create a GUI. I am storing all the
>values that are to be displayed, in a list.
>--> The values are calculated and stored in a list in the first file
>--> The list is imported in to the second file which is GUI
>file(contains gtk.main()) by using IMPORT statement.


>The list is continuously appended in the first file, but this does not
>reflect when imported in to the second file. The second file only shows
>an empty list. I need to get an updated list in my GUI file.Please help
>me out

T>hank you,

>Ravindra Nagireddy

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