[pygtk] gtk.Assistant

Mauro Giacomini aragorn78it at yahoo.it
Tue Oct 12 01:09:50 WST 2010

I have a problem with the creation of an Assistant.
I want to collect information from the user.
In the first page I have a treeview with 3 button (move_up, move_down 
and apply).
Until the user don't click on Apply Button, the navigation on the 
Assistant is unsensitive.
When the user finished to sort the treeview with the up and down button 
and click Apply button, the Next button on Assistant became sensitive 
and the user can click it to procede to the second page.
In the second page I want to collect the data from the treeview to make 
further processing.
If I have to post some code, tell me, and I will try to post code that 
can be executed.
But keep in mind this Assistant is a piece of a bigger project I'm 
working on.

Thanks in advance, Mauro
PS: Sorry for my English, I'm an Italian guy.

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