[pygtk] Buttons before the tabs in a gtk.Notebook

Ben Ashton ben_ashton at gmx.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 09:06:10 WST 2010


     Basically, what I am attempting to do is move the tabs in a 
gtk.Notebook to the right so that I can draw some buttons just before 
them. Here is a mock-up: http://imagebin.ca/view/84SC0d.html

If too many tabs were added to the point where there were more than 
could fit in the window, the following is how I would like it to look: 

I have been trying to do this for a while and have had no luck. I 
presume that I'm going to have to inherit from gtk.Notebook and then 
override certain methods in order to get the the tabs to draw further 
along the x axis so that I can then draw some buttons in the created 
space. The problem is I don't really know where to start.
     As I say, I've been trying to do this for a while and eventually 
resorted to writing my own notebook widget, which works well, but I 
would much prefer to do it with a gtk.Notebook, so any advice would be 


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