[pygtk] Detachable/dockable user interface

Dieter Verfaillie dieterv at optionexplicit.be
Thu Mar 11 22:47:46 WST 2010

Quoting "Arjan Molenaar" <gaphor at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I checked both GDL and MonoDevelop.
> The MonoDevelop version is definitely more luxe than the GDL one.

Yes, indeed. My only gripe with the MonoDevelop version is that you
can dock to the top, left, bottom and right, but not the center.
I've only seen a normal GtkNotebook used for the center document(s),
put into a DockContainer. That's a shame, adding some sort of a
dockBarCenter and reusing the TabStrip would enable:
- docking the center documents(s),
- saving the complete docking layout xml file (with center documents)
   and restoring a complete "perspective" when an application restarts.
- viewing multiple documents side by side (or on top of each other),
- ...

As an example of what I mean, you could look at how Eclipse handles
it's docking interface.

> The GDL test application is not really stable (segfault every now  
> and then). Not very promissing.

It's not only the test application. I've experienced them in the past
with small python apps...

> I've isolated the Docking code and added a demo app (all in  
> MonoDevelop ;) ). It's actually quite a lot of code :(.

It's a monstrosity ;)

> I dropped the code on GitHub: http://github.com/amolenaar/MonoDockingWidget
> Porting time!

Could this be the making of a collaborative effort? How do you envision
getting things started? I've got between 10 and 20 hours to spend on this
per week, depending on how much I sleep commuting between home and work ;)


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