[pygtk] Resizing a Button with motion_notify_event?

Pietro Battiston toobaz at email.it
Sun Mar 7 21:09:47 WST 2010

Il giorno dom, 07/03/2010 alle 11.49 +0100, Martin Drautzburg ha
> Hello all,
> I am trying to implement a gtk.Button which can be resized (by grabbing it 
> near its nower edge) and dragged around (by grabbing it somewhere near its 
> center).  The gtk.Button is placed inside a gtk.Layout. I could get this to 
> work by responding to mouse events WITHIN the Button. 
> However this had the drawback, that the mouse may be too fast while resizing 
> and the gtk.Button will not grow fast enough. Thus the mouse will leave the 
> area of the gtk.Button and no more motion events will be sent to the Button. 
> When moving the Button around this problem is less obvious, because the mouse 
> is less likely to leave the area of the Button. None of these problems became 
> apparent on my desktop box, but on my maemo handheld, the resizing simply 
> didn't work.
> So I thought, I'd better let the gtk.Layout handle the motion events. The 
> strange thing is: it gets motion events only
> - When the mouse is outside any gtk.Button
> - When the mouse is inside a gtk.Button but no mousebutton is pressed
> However no motion events arrive at the Layout when
> - The mouse is inside a gtk.Button and a mousebutton is held pressed
> I found two postings related to this issue:
> - one had the exact same problem, but there were no replies
> - it was said that gtk.Layout does not respond to events, as it does not have 
> its own window. This is hard to believe, because my Layout does respond to 
> events and I can influence the behavior (except for the problem described 
> here)

Couldn't you look at (mouse) events for the whole window?!

(I'm assuming that you know about gtk.HPaned and gtk.VPaned but find
them ugly for your purposes)


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