[pygtk] reparent

Peyman paskari007 at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 3 18:31:51 WST 2010

I am having some problems with reparenting

I have a program which allows you to tab several sourceview widgets  
(glorified textview widget), and there are 5 options for each  
sourceview. So if you edit 10 text files, you would get 50 sourceview  
widgets, and that is very expensive. Instead, I want to reuse the 10  
sourceviews. An easy way to do this is via reparenting.

However, some wierd things happen when you go back to a tab you  
previously visited. The sourceview becomes detached and more or less  
floats over the window it is meant to be a child of. The problem goes  
away if you resize the window. As a temporary fix I increase and  
decrease the window size by one, sort of like jiggling it. Uncomment  
lines 124-131 to activate it.

I have attached a minimal example which indicates what the problem is.

Anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

Thanks in advanced

Peyman Askari

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