[pygtk] Python wrapper for gnomeprint

Leon Bogaert leon at tim-online.nl
Sun Dec 12 09:41:30 WST 2010

I believe the package is: python-gnomeprint

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Subject: [pygtk] Python wrapper for gnomeprint

I am using UBUNTU 10.10 .

To use Xword ( D/L from synaptic package manager), to print a thinks.com crossword puzzle, I get the error message  "Print libraries not installed.  Please install python wrapper for gnomeprint"

How can I do that ?   Is there a command line I can use in TERMINAL?

I have tried  to install many files referring to Python wrapper , using Synaptic but so far none work

Note that previous versions of UBUNTU, using XWORD worked just by installing and running itl

Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated !

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