[pygtk] ANN: PyGUI 2.1

John Finlay finlay at moeraki.com
Tue Nov 17 17:25:45 WST 2009

Pietro Battiston wrote:
> Il giorno mar, 17/11/2009 alle 11.19 +1300, Greg Ewing ha scritto:
>> Pietro Battiston wrote:
>>> And I promise I won't come there just saying that PyGUI API sucks
>> Okay, that particular remark was a bit rude, and I
>> apologise for it.
>> Let me rephrase: One of the reasons I created PyGUI
>> is that none of the existing cross-platform GUI APIs,
>> including pygtk, are entirely to my taste. So making
>> PyGUI emulate pygtk wouldn't make sense from my
>> point of view.
>> I certainly don't mean to dissuade anyone from
>> using pygtk. If you like it, by all means continue
>> to use it.
> OK, that's more diplomatic.
> My opinion is that if you create a mailing list for PyGUI (and I suggest
> Mailman [0], the software running this mailing list, for it), a message
> "if anybody is interested in a different approach to pygtk, a PyGUI
> mailing list has been created at this address" on this mailing list will
> cause no complaints (notice your first email didn't mention pygtk at
> all).
I have to disagree. I consider attempts to build a competing community 
by spamming maillists with announcements to be annoying and rude. The 
criterion should be does this post add value to the community. I believe 
that Greg's posts do not add value to the pygtk community and he should 
refrain from posting his announcement to the pygtk list.


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