[pygtk] Session startup applications

Stefan Stuhr gnomelists at sstuhr.dk
Sun May 3 06:18:29 WST 2009

søn, 03 05 2009 kl. 09:00 +1200, skrev Rob Brown-Bayliss:
> Hi.
> Does any one know how to add an application to the startup apps in
> gnome via pytgtk?  Or even how to do it from a command prompt? 
> I want to add an option in app where the uses can just set a
> checkbutton to have it done, rather than having to manually do it them
> selves.


If you do it this way, then you may have to ensure that your application
doesn't start up twice upon saving a session in which your applications
is running, thrice upon an additional saving, and so on. It is possible
that GNOME *may* do some magic to avoid this (I really don't know), but
other session managers may not.

Also, please be reasonably sure that your users actually want your
application to start with their session before activating this, I know
that I would likely be very annoyed otherwise.

> Thanks


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