[pygtk] Accessibility hang when GTK's main loop is in a second thread (PyGTK)

Timothy Renner timothy.renner at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 06:04:28 WST 2009

We have a Python application using PyGTK, which fires up a second
thread for the GUI and gtk.main() while main processing happens in the
Main thread.  Main is responsible for much of the actual drawing of
the GUI, while the secondary thread is responsible for picking up
actions on the GUI and prodding the main thread into the appropriate
responses.  This has been working beautifully with accessibility
disabled, and under older versions of GTK.

However, we're running into the problem of the application freezing
when accessibility is enabled on newer systems (Ubuntu 8.10+ as far as
I can tell.)  I've narrowed it down to which thread gtk.main() is
executed in.  If it's the main thread, there are no problems.  If it's
in the secondary thread, then as soon as the window loses focus, it
hangs.  Not only does it hang, but the idle functions that I've
registered with gobject.idle_add(...) will get through one more
iteration and then never execute again.  It looks like something is
deadlocking in glib's or gtk's internals when this happens.

Is running in a secondary thread simply not allowed at the moment?
I'd prefer to find a solution that allows us to keep our current
structure rather than juggling our threads, but if it must be changed,
that's acceptable.  At the very least, I'd like to understand better
the technical details of how GNOME accessibility is interacting with
our program.

Thanks for your time,

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