[pygtk] reply address for this list - retry

Alessandro Dentella sandro at e-den.it
Wed Jun 17 16:37:56 WST 2009

On Mon, Jun 01, 2009 at 12:18:55PM +0000, F Wolff wrote:
> Op Vr, 2009-05-29 om 15:14 +0200 skryf Alessandro Dentella:
> > I did it again, so I repost the same request as some months ago. Even if you
> > are not the person in the position to modify it, I'd like to know if there
> > are any objections to setting a default reply to the list.
> > 
> > sandro
> > *:-)
> > 
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> >   I found mysel many times answering to the original author rather than to
> >   the list. I think that this doesn't only happen to me as is pretty normal
> >   for public mailing list to have reply address set to the list.
> > 
> >   I think this is inconvenient as many answers of public interest don't
> >   arrive to the list.
> > 
> >   Is it possible to change this  setting?
> > 
> >   sandro
> >   *:-)
Sorry, for some reason I didn't see the answer up to today.

> Hallo
> Almost none of the lists I am subscribed to follow your proposed setup.

lets'say all google groups, as an example... not really a minority

> For some idea of why some people might not want this change, see this
> page:
> http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html

the clue in that page is that you loose the possibility to answer directly
to the poster, *if the poster is different from what is in the From*. Do you
think this is frequent?

On the other side you catch all the answer of people that don't realize
they're answering to a single person. 

There are so many simple questions that gets unaswered in this list that
I *hope* people are answering directly to the posters, and that happens to
me frequently, but that's a loss for the list in my opinion.


PS: ops! I was just sending to you directly...

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