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Juan Jose Costello Levien jclevien at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 21:34:14 WST 2009


My name is Juan, I am now discovering all the tools needed to develop in
Python (Glade + PyGTK + Tepache + SPE + Psyco, to name a few), and all I
have to say is: "Why I didn't discover them before...?"
Very good tools, I am coming from several IDEs and languages (REALbasic,
Visual Basic, Visual C++, a little Java, PHP.....), and really, I have never
expected to convert an application written in REALbasic that took me 2 days
to create it in 4-6 hours with PyGTK! To tell more, it is so natural the
Python language that I didn't read any tutorial, just followed the API
reference, and borrowed some code here and there.

I am very pleased to say this, hope I can devote more time learning all this
tools, oh, and they seem very stable! REALbasic has LOTS of flaws, bugs, and
time-wasters inside that they are really disgusting, frankly speaking.

Nothing more to say, excuse me if I waste your time, but I thought that a
little "thank you" is a minimum action I can do.

Up to any moment. Thanks.

Juan Jose Costello Levien
jclevien at gmail.com
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