[pygtk] problem with focus in notebook

Walter Leibbrandt walter at translate.org.za
Thu Jun 4 20:40:29 WST 2009

Mike Bernson wrote:
> I have a notebook that I want to control where the focus goes on page switches.
> I connect to the switch-page signal.
> In the handle for the switch-page signal I set the focus to a Entry widget. The
> focus ends up on the tab for the page. If I call idle_add with function to set the
> focus to the Entry widget it works.
> I do not like using the idle_add to set the focus widget. It looks like a hack and
> I would like to find a better way to handle this.
How about using the "show" event of one of the widgets on the page? Like 
your "top"-level container (the page's child).


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