[pygtk] OS X Deployment

Bertrand Son Kintanar b3rxkintanar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 00:59:15 WST 2009

Hi List,

Is there a guide that I can follow on how to deploy my application in an OS
X environment? currently my application has an Win32 installer and it runs
smoothly in Linux since it's my main development platform. I also have
successfully ran my program in OS X by the help of jhbuild in which I have
installed the GTK+OSX framework and also have installed PyGTK in it. But my
question is how will I automatically deploy my application in OS X since it
needs X11 to run. Is there a command that will run the python script in X11
rather than to run it in its default OS X environment?

I get an locale error when running it in the OS X terminal but when I run it
in X11 server, I don't get the same error.

please advice.


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