[pygtk] Threading in nautilus-python extensions

Jason Heeris jason.heeris at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 15:20:45 WST 2009

Just to follow up on this a bit, it really seems to be something to do
with the nautilus-python extension specifically. One of the other
NautilusSVN developers found that an extension written in C does not
have the same problem at all:

I've created a simple nautilus extension written in C that creates a
thread and sleeps in it, and it doesn't block nautilus at all.  I've
got the code up at github at
git://github.com/adamplumb/nautilus-test-extension.git.  Just do a git
clone to get it.  Then compile/install with sh autogen.sh ; make ;
make install.  (FYI It will install files to

But is there a way to work around this without using C? I'm poring
over the nautilus-python and pygtk source, but I'm not really seeing
anything enlightening.


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