[pygtk] PyGtkCanvas

mtasic85 mtasic85 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 09:26:52 WST 2009

Hi everyone,

I used PyGtk and Tkinter for last couple years, and I really enjoyed
using them. My everyday work has involved 2D graphics so much, so most
of the time I have used DrawingArea/Canvas widget around which I based
my solutions. I enjoyed using structured graphics, but I hated missing
non-structured or low-level drawing primitives in Tkinter.Canvas
widget. In contrast, PyGtk.DrawingArea widget is only for non-
structured graphics. I know there are many probably great PyGtk canvas
widgets (ex: gnomecanvas), but I was looking for something that looks
similar to Tkinter.Canvas widget because most of my work was based on
it. Anyways, I started working on PyGtkCanvas widget thats is entirely
written in Python and based on PyGtk.

The pygtkcanvas (or PyGtkCanvas?) is an engine fully written in Python
for both structured and non-structured graphics, high performance
rendering, and a powerful, high level API. This widget can be used for
flexible display of graphics and for creating interactive user
interface elements.


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