[pygtk] synchronizing HPaned widgets

Stephen Langer stephen.langer at nist.gov
Fri Feb 6 05:34:48 WST 2009

On Feb 5, 2009, at 3:15 PM, John Finlay wrote:

> Stephen Langer wrote:
>> Hi --
>> I'm hoping that someone can tell me if this is a bug or if I'm  
>> doing  something wrong.
>> I have two HPaned widgets whose separators I'd like to keep   
>> synchronized.  Both Paneds are in the same VBox, so they have the  
>> same  width.
>> As described at http://faq.pygtk.org/index.py?req=show&file=faq19.013.htp 
>>  , I connect to the 'notify' signal for each pane to find out when  
>> the  separator has been moved.  The callback function blocks the  
>> signal for  the other  pane, changes its position to match the  
>> first pane, and  then unblocks the signal.
>> The problem is that the signal doesn't seem to be blocked  
>> sometimes,  so the program goes into an infinite loop.  There are  
>> easy workarounds  for this, but they're ugly and unsatisfying.  In  
>> particular, the  program loops when the panes are first shown if  
>> the contents of two  diagonally opposite subpanes are larger than  
>> the contents of the other  two.
>> I've appended short program that illustrates the problem.  Just   
>> starting the program will put it into an infinite loop.  If you   
>> replace paneMoved by paneMoved_workaround, the problem goes away.
>> Why doesn't blocking the signal work?  Am I doing something wrong?
>> I've run this test on OS X with python 2.5, gtk 2.14.7, and pygtk   
>> 2.12.1, and on Linux with python 2.4, gtk 2.8.20, and pygtk 2.8.6.

[ code deleted ]

> You have to allow the widgets to shrink - remove the "shrink=0" args  
> from the pack1() and pack2() calls.
> John

Thanks for the response, but what if I don't want the widgets to be  
able to shrink?  Is that possible?  Why isn't calling handler_block  
before calling set_position sufficient?

  -- Steve

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