[pygtk] cannot import glib in python shell

John Stowers john.stowers.lists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 04:43:35 WST 2009

> I think ideally what I'm requesting is to have the mingw/python/gtk
> environments to be harmonized.  I'm close.  I can do the following:
> python
> import sys
> import gtk
> blah = gtk.Window(0)
> blah.show()
> , but when I do
> import glib
> ERROR!!!
> if I cd to a certain dir in glib sources, there were two .py files, but
> I didn't know where to place them in the python26 dir.
> From that dir, I can run the python shell, import glib and then it gives
> me an error about no module for gdb...so it's none stop...with regards
> to the import glib issue at present.
> Any help towards this would be greatly appreciated.

AFAIR there has not been a release of PyGObect on windows since the
split of functionality into the glib namespace.

I cleaned up the build stuff a while ago here;


But I no longer have a windows install. Someone else will need to update
it to HEAD and finish it off.


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