[pygtk] How drawing, Drawable, ....work in pygtk !

chuong nguyen vien chuong_nguyenvien at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 21 08:24:36 WST 2009


I have just played with pygtk a couple of day and everything seems ok but the drawing system. I dont know how it works basically and got confused, very confused !

I read somewhere on the internet it say that i have to follow a pattern to make it work, and the key to that pattern is : we need to implement the drawing code within the expose event handler. Why ? 

I tried to make some drawing code outside the expose event handler, and didnt write a expose event handler at all. It didnt work. It just appear a window without anything, or my drawing stuff didnt display.

So basically, how the expose event and drawing in GTK work or relate to each other ?



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