[pygtk] PyGTK and visual python integration

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Mon Dec 14 18:18:59 WST 2009

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 8:09 AM, Angel Guzman Maeso <shakaran at gmail.com>wrote:

> 2009/12/7 Michele Mattioni <mattions at gmail.com>
>> Hello PyGTK list,
>> I'm trying to use Visual Python [1] with PyGTK.
>> My goal is to run the PyGTK app from an ipython console with the
>> interactive loop, to launch the visual python and to be able to process the
>> input coming from the console.
>> I was able to do it on ubuntu jaunty, but for some reasons this is not the
>> case anymore in karmic.
>> The version I was using before of Ipython 0.9.1, what is shipped with
>> karmic is 0.10.
>> The PyGTK in jaunty is 2.14.1-1ubuntu1 and in karmic is 2.16.0-0ubuntu1
>> With the 0.9.1 ipython version and the 2.14 PyGTK I was able to achieve
>> this behaviour starting the console with the -pylab options, and I was using
>> GTKAgg as my backend.
>> In my program it was possible to start a visual window clicking on a gtk
>> button. I attach a simple case code to show the problem.
>> What has changed ?
>> Is Ipython, PyGTK or both?
>> [1] http://vpython.org/
>> [2] http://ipython.scipy.org
>> Regards,
>> Michele.
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> For me, this line:
> import visual
> Generate a segmentation fault (I use Ubuntu Lucid alpha 1) and I did
> before:
> sudo apt-get install python-visual
> Maybe you should report a bug for visual python on Ubuntu package.

This bus seems to be caused by the boost library with a weird doc export.

the bug is this one:


There is any possibilities to have a visual widget on pygtk or somebody
manage to create one?
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