[pygtk] Scrollbar Width

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Sat Dec 12 10:15:47 WST 2009

I'm working in the context of Sugar-on-a-Stick, which defaults scrollbars to 
a (narrow) width of 14. In my two activities, which use a full-screen 
gtk.ScrolledWindow, I'd like to widen the bars to, say, 40. It seems that 
the only way to do so is via an .rc file.

Following specific instructions for setting scrollbar width found here:
I constructed the following scrollwidth.rc file:
style "wide_range"
    GtkRange::slider-width = 40

class "GtkRange" style "wide_range"

I placed the file in my activity folder, then added the following line
toward the beginning of the init segment of my activity (.py):


The activity runs fine and its log reflects no errors. However, the window's 
scrollbars remain the default
width. (They are fully viewable as well.)

(I did try:
as well; identical result. This is the complete path to the .rc file.)

Does anyone see the flaw(s) here?

Art Hunkins 

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