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Steve McClure smcclure at racemi.com
Mon Sep 1 21:27:25 WST 2008

I have some older code GTK 1.x that does this.  I have handlers for  
the tree_expand and tree_collapse, resize-column, and the select  
signals.  Then I keep up with the state in a dictionary that I write  
out to a users preferences file.  On start up, I read load the  
dictionary from the pref file then set the tree up accordingly.  That  
way the expanded nodes, column sizes and the last selection can all be  

I do the same thing for the dialog size.

On Sep 1, 2008, at 5:58 AM, Koch Máté wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm developing an application which has got a window with a treeView
> widget. Inside this widget there is a multi-level tree structure (some
> kind of pseudo-code, IF-THEN-ELSE branches inside each other). The
> tree fills up from a database, and thereafter the user can edit it
> (delete subtree, add leafs or subtrees). After any action, or a given
> time interwall, the modifications are saved to the db, and the
> structure is reloaded (this is inportant, because multiple users can
> work on it in real-time).
> My question is, that is there any easy way, to store the status of the
> current look of the tree (I mean, which branches are expanded, which
> are collapsed), and after the reloading, revert tis state as much as
> possible? The problem is, that the reloaded structure is not exactly
> the same, some leafs or subtrees are missing, or something is
> inserted, but largest part of the tree is the same.
> Thank you for help,
> best regards,
> Mate Koch
> P.S: sorry, I sent my former message from wrong address
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