[pygtk] force window to refresh

meitham meithamj at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 02:31:36 WST 2008

Joel Hedlund wrote:
> meitham wrote:
>> It's confusing, what do you reckon is the problem?
> Indeed. That should have worked. It may be some other problem somewhere. 
> If you put together a toy example that shows this behavior and post it 
> to the list then maybe I can be of more help.
Take a look at the code on sf.net
if you run the code in windows you can see the behavior i described earlier.
I ran the code on Linux and got a more strange behavior.  The window
keeps shrinking itself in and out forever!!!
There must be something wrong in the code and I'm being blind unable to
see it.
Thanks for your help

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