[pygtk] Totals in TreeView

Neil Dugan pygtk at butterflystitches.com.au
Thu Oct 2 21:31:25 WST 2008

Alessandro Dentella wrote:
> Hi list,
>   I try wit a different subject... sometime that makes the difference!	
>   I guess I'm not the only one that tried adding a different look for a row.
>   In internet there's plenty of solutions via a model column and some via
>   set_cell_data_func. I tried this but whet happens is that __all cell
>   change color___ 
>   I tested with this code:
>       http://dpaste.com/hold/81386/
>   and when the cell corresponding to "venice" gets colored, all tree cells
>   get colored too. 
>   Any hints?
>   TIA
>   sandro
> *:-)


You need to use.

         if value == 'venice':
             cell.set_property("background", 'yellow')
         else :
             cell.set_property("background-set", False)

Regards Neil.

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