[pygtk] py2exe and pygtk issues

Chris Cole ccole2 at mix.wvu.edu
Sun May 4 17:50:10 WST 2008

Hey all,
I'm trying to use py2exe under windows to get my pygtk application into
a single executable. Here's my steps so far:

1. I've installed the latest and greatest gtk runtime, python 2.5,
pycairo, pygobject, pygtk, py2exe via their respective windows installers

2. i've added a simple setup.py script which seems to work fine for my
app (attached)

3. i run:
 python setup.py py2exe
  which gives me a dist directory with my executable

4. i try to run the executable and it fails on importing the gtk module.
Everywhere I've read so far says you need to copy the proper gtk runtime
directories (lib, bin, share, etc) into the dist directory. I've tried:

- putting all the dll's into the dist directory

- putting the lib, bin, share, etc. directories into dist/gtk and even
set the following in my script:

 os.environ['PATH'] =3D ';gtk/lib;gtk/bin'

- putting lib, bin, share, etc. into dist/

but none of these work. It always fails on import gtk -- i've spent the
last couple hours racking my brain (and google) and I can't figure it
out. Any suggestions?

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