[pygtk] Drag and drop question

Jason Schmidlapp hectic256 at gmail.com
Sat May 3 11:37:12 WST 2008

For lack of a better term, I need to do a "deferred" drag and drop
operation.  Here's the problem:

When my drag source method is called, rather than immediately returning
data, I want to perform an operation that will occur asynchronously in the
future (say, retrieve some data from an HTTP connection).  When the
operation completes, I want to pass the data to the target of the drop.

I thought about doing something like calling drag_begin when my async
operation occurs, but this just seems to start the DnD operation (the drag
portion) but still requires the user to drop (again).

Does this make sense? Any idea how to accomplish this, or if it is even
possible with GTK?

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