[pygtk] list as a gobject property

Fallenblood fallenblood at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 16:21:36 WST 2008

Thanks. That sorted me out. Although I have even used it on some
occasions, TYPE_PYOBJECT, although mentioned in all my references, has
somehow now managed to elude my sight.

I'm now trying my luck with the "props" attribute, and I can't
retrieve the value of any property through it. "print
self.props.connected" prints False when the property in question is a
TYPE_BOOLEAN that defaults to True, and "self.props.connection_name"
prints None when it has a default value AND is explicitly set in the
line before. "print [param for param in self.props]" returns a list of
GParam* objects, which, I suspect, it should do. So how do I get a
GParam's value? By the way, TYPE_PYOBJECT seems to be a GParamBoxed (:

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