[pygtk] Multilevel ListStore

Walter Leibbrandt walter at translate.org.za
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Run pygtk-demo. The only real difference to a normal ListStore is =

specifying the parent gtk.TreeIter when you add rows:

model =3D gtk.TreeStore(gobject.TYPE_STRING, gobject.TYPE_STRING)
parentIter =3D model.append(None)
    0, "Parent (1st col)",
    1, "Parent (2nd col)"

childIter =3D model.append(parentIter)
    0, "Child (1st col)",
    1, "Child (2nd col)"
childIter2 =3D model.append(parentIter)
    0, "Child2 (1st col)",
    1, "Child2 (2nd col)"

This will add a top-level row (referenced by parentIter) and two rows =

under it (referenced by childIter and childIter2). Then you can do =

"level2iter =3D model.append(childIter)" to add a row with the first child =

row (childIter) as its parent.

The PyGtk tutorial also covers this in section ("Adding Rows to =

a TreeStore") and that's about as hard as it gets.

Hope this helps.


P.S. The code above was written on-the-go, so it might not be 100% correct.

Shadi Azoum wrote:
> Thanks for the tip, Paul. Any code example on using TreeStore? The offici=
al pygtk tutorials offer little support.
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>> Shadi Azoum wrote:
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>>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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>> Use gtk.TreeStore instead.
>> Paul
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