[pygtk] Re: renderer, style and drag-n-drop

Laurent G. lauranger at free.fr
Thu Jan 3 07:33:59 WST 2008

Laurent G. a écrit :
> Laurent G. a écrit :
>> Hi
>> I managed to write a kind of ColorButtonCellRenderer trying to use
>> Styles. No fully satisfying but quite functionnable until I set my
>> TreeView row-reorderable. On dragging on_render get passed a pixmap
>> instead of a window and the style methode "vomit" a :
>> TypeError: GtkStyle.paint_box() argument 1 must be gtk.gdk.Window, not
>> gtk.gdk.Pixmap
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File "./mapcolorist.py", line 99, in on_render
>>     cell_area.width,  cell_area.height)
>> Apart from mimic-ing style code for a drawable what are the options to
>> face this trickage (illegal but legitimate in my mind) from drag-n-drop
>> code ?
>> Thanks in advance for any advice or explanation.
>> Laurent G.
> After some readfing in CellRenderer I correct that the "trickage" is legal.
> After reading gtk+ source I see that gtk_cell_renderer_text_render
> uses gtk_paint_layout that waits a GdkWindow* giving it a GdkDrawable*
> and it works fine. Would it be that the wrapper is stricter than gtk
> itself ?
> Have nice coding.
> Laurent G.
It's me --again, sorry-- how could I tell the wrapper to pretend a
GdkDawable could fit as a GdkWindow ?

Thanks in advance ?

Laurent G.

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