OT (Re: [pygtk] Napkin-project, a lot of questions)

Filip Van Raemdonck mechanix at debian.org
Mon Feb 25 06:13:04 WST 2008


On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 4:23 PM, tsr <tsr.offentlig at tsr.se> wrote:
>  Napkin is going to be an editor to ease the creation of user made
>  content (UMC) for the game Battle of Wesnoth (www.wesnoth.org).
>  Most Wesnoth UMC is made using WML (Wesnoth Markup Language) similar to
>  xml but with added preprocessor and [] instead of <>. (The other parts
>  are binary files (images, music) and to a lesser extent python (to
>  create custom AIs)).

Mostly OT, and said with little or no experience in the area, but:
might it not be possible to look into reusing an existing linux /
python / whatever IDE (or none of the linux / python specifically, and
rather the whatever bits) to make a plugin or addon instead of
creating yet another one?

In fact, if not the above, wouldn't an _integrated_ game editor be a
better thing than YASE (yet another specialized editor)? [1]



[1] One other obvious advantage of an in-game editor is, if you'd get
the game developers to integrate any such patches, they'd have some
obligation to their users to make sure it keeps working across
releases, while any kind of external application would put the burden
to keep up on that application's developer(s)


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