[pygtk] gtk-builder-convert "Unhandled signal"

Johan Dahlin jdahlin at async.com.br
Thu Feb 21 23:49:54 WST 2008

David Trémouilles wrote:
> Hi,
>  I start playing with the gtk.Builder as a replacement for libglade.
> I encountered the following message from gtk-builder-convert tool while 
> converting my glade file to gtk.Builder xml file:
> ...
> Unhandled signal GtkCheckMenuItem::toggled

This has been fixed in svn of gtk builder.

> Unhandled signal GtkRadioMenuItem::group_changed
> ...

This is still a valid bug, I am not sure how to map group-changed to 
GtkRadioMenuItems, I would have to look into this.

> Does that mean this signal are not yet supported by the builder ?
> Or is it something else ?

gtk-builder-convert is converting your menus from using GtkMenuBar/GtkMenu 
to GtkUIManager, it means that these signals were not converted over.

> I fairly easily ported my code from glade to gtk.Builder but this 
> "unhandled signal" annoyed me since basically the signal connection is 
> not done and my app does not work properly :-(

Well, you will probably need to update the code, just migrating the glade is 
not enough for porting your application from glade to gtk.Builder.


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