[pygtk] Trouble getting a ListStore with dynamic column number.

Stephen George steve_geo at optusnet.com.au
Fri Feb 1 08:44:06 WST 2008

Neil Dugan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to create a dialog with a gtk.TreeView() with a =

> gtk.ListStore() model.  I don't know until run time how many columns =

> will be needed.  I have managed to create the TreeView but I haven't =

> worked out how to populate it.
> Any help appreciated.
> Regards Neil.
Hi Neil,

I think your problem steams from the line

dialog._model =3D gtk.ListStore(object)

Which I think should be more like

dialog._model =3D gtk.ListStore(str,str,str)

However this does not give you the dynamic nature you desire.

I don't know the limits of column expansion/contraction you require for =

your problem, .. but I see in your code you want to limit it to 20
(are they always strings?, or all columns the same type?)

I would create a listStore with 20 str as arguments.

I would then create the treeview with as many columns needed for the =

problem at hand

Attached you will see a modified prog that works for me, I limited the =

columns to 7, each time you press the dialog button, a list is =

dynamically generated with a random number of columns.
the list is always strings.
length of list correlates to number of colomns to view.

Don't know if this has been helpful?

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