[pygtk] Problem with Notebook

John Finlay finlay at moeraki.com
Sat Dec 27 04:44:27 WST 2008

Frédéric wrote:
> On mercredi 24 décembre 2008, John Finlay wrote:
>> I don't see how that would happen. I guess a small self-contained
>> example would illustrate the problem.
> Here is a little example...
> I block switching to the Page 2, with your trick. The first time you select 
> that page, the callback is called, but the page is not displayed. Good.
> But then, if you click again on that page, the callback is not called 
> anymore, until you switch to another page first (or just click on the 
> current selected one). It acts like if this page was selected, but not 
> displayed. Also note that if you click the currnt page again, the callback 
> is not called neither. But is change internal stuff, as it calls the 
> callback when clicking on Page 2!
The current page number hasn't changed so it seems that it remembers the 
last clicked tab.
> Sounds like a bug to me...
Maybe. Might be a good idea to ask about this on the gtk mailing list.


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