[pygtk] treeview markup entries and interactive search

Tim Evans t.evans at aranz.com
Thu Aug 21 07:21:46 WST 2008

Tasos Latsas wrote:
> I tried it but unfortunately the normal and bold entries are in the same
> column, so I need the tags...:( Looks like I'll use the extra-column
> solution..
> Thanx anyway!!
> Tim Evans wrote:
>> gtk.CellRendererText has separate properties for changing font
>> attributes.  In the case you describe you would set the "weight"
>> property to pango.WEIGHT_BOLD and just use "text" rather than "markup".
>> Unless you need to change the font attributes mid-way through the text
>> using the specific attributes will be a little faster than markup and
>> won't interfere with searching.

Sorry, I think I didn't explain that very well.  Here's an example instead:

   model = gtk.ListStore(str, int)
   model.append(('home', pango.WEIGHT_NORMAL))
   model.append(('work', pango.WEIGHT_BOLD))
   view = gtk.TreeView(model)
   view.insert_column_with_attributes(0, 'Title', gtk.CellRendererText(),
                                      text=0, weight=1)

The first *model column* is the text, the second is the font weight. 
The *view* contains only a single column, but it's attached to both 
model columns to set the text and weight used by the cell renderer.

Tim Evans
Applied Research Associates NZ

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