[pygtk] python-gtkhtml2 docs

Mitko Haralanov mitko at qlogic.com
Sat Apr 26 02:12:39 WST 2008

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008 13:09:40 -0700
Mitko Haralanov <mitko at qlogic.com> wrote:

> Hi, does anyone know of any useful documentation, API, turorials,
> examples of python-gtkhtml2.
> I can't seem to find anything useful.

Alright, I've been able to find enough information to get a very simple
usage of the widget.

One thing that still puzzles me is the fact that according to
everything I read GtkHTML2 supports CSS and image loading. This either
doesn't hold true for the Python module or I just can't get it to work.
It seems that the request to load the css is being made and I can see
the data being written to the GtkHTML2 stream handler but nothing is
being done with the data because the stylesheet is not applied.

I would appreciate any help from anyone that has played with GtkHTML
and it's Python bindings.


Mitko Haralanov
"No bugs were harmed in the preparation of this patch.  
 It's just me fartarsing around."

 	- Andrew Morton

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