[pygtk] MenuBar items

Andrea Caminiti a.caminiti at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 06:17:39 WST 2008

hi guys:

i'm still doing my program and i would like to have a menu bar as every program has (file, edit, ....., help). and a lot of doubts came to my mind. looking at pygtk tuttorials i found so good examples to follow using gtk.Menubar, gtk.Menu, etc... but seem that this methods are not suggested to be used any more. instead the suggestion is to use gtk.UIManager.

so my question here is what should i use? should i use the old style menubar or the new one? what are the pros and cons with each one? and if i choose the ui manager, where i can find some help/tutorial/guide/reference to use it?

thanks a lot for your help!


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