[pygtk] Filesystem Drag & Drop

Sam Sutch samuraiblog at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 05:27:54 WST 2007

I have an application I'm writing for a client which needs to accept
drag & drop file integration with it's host OS. I've chosen PyGTK due
to it's portability across different OS's and am wondering if this is
supported by the current API? At bare minimum, it needs to accept
files dropped from the OS, if not from the PyGTK app [to the OS]. Is
this possible with PyGTK and if so, how would I tackle this problem?

I appreciate any help I get, and, in the spirit of OS, I we get it
figured out I'll *gladly* write up a detailed tutorial showing future
seekers how to accomplish this as well.

Thanks again!

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