[pygtk] Windows deadlock

Brad Schick schickb at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 13:53:51 WST 2007

Running pygtk 2.10.4 on winxp with gtk 2.10.11 and python 2.5.1, I am
hitting a deadlock for even the simplest pygtk application that calls

For example, taking any of the simple apps from the tutorial and added
gtk.gdk.threads_init() just before the call to gtk.main() and running
it causes a deadlock. The deadlock happens inside gtk.main just after
the window frame is displayed. The main client area never paints, and
the app needs to be killed.

I tested the same small app under pygtk 2.10.4 on ubuntu and it worked
fine. So this may be a windows only problem.

I looked at the deablocked app with windbg, but it wasn't very helpful
since I've only installed binaries without symbols. If no one has any
leads, I could build everything locally and investigate further.


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