[pygtk] Expose event question - repeat

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 21:47:47 WST 2007

Albert, thanks for your response.
> Since events from the queue are handled sequentially, the time-out event
> will only get noticed after the expose event handler has finished.
That sounds like good news.

> Did you print entry and exit of both event handlers?
Yes - I use print for most debugging really.

> The simplest way to try is to add a "time.sleep(5)" in your redraw code.
Good idea - I'll try it.

> Another way to mess up timing and updating of the window, is to make an X11
> connection over the physical network, preferably encrypted :).

> Maybe you can do something with the idle event. (after a time-out, setup an
> idle event, and on an idle event, set up a timer?
Yes, I see. Restart the timer after the expose event handler is done. I'll 
have a look.

> Since you don't have threading, expose and the time-out event handlers will
> never be executed at the same time.
Perfect. I looked at threading, once, briefly -- and ran away screaming!

> Well, why aren't you/they using something intended for direct drawing, eg
> SDL? (not entirely sure, I only briefly scanned its API)
I don't know. SDL is a good suggestion. I just sort of came into this via 
pyGTK as my starting point. I don't know if pyCairo can draw to an SDL 
surface but that's well worth checking out.

Thanks for your input.


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