[pygtk] problem installing PyGTK on a clean WinXP system

John Pye john at curioussymbols.com
Thu Aug 23 06:38:53 WST 2007

Brad Schick wrote:
> John Pye wrote:
>> However, clearly the installer could do a better job. When I look at the
>> Python directory on my system, c:\Python25, I can see that Python has
>> installed this DLL at c:\Python25\msvcr71.dll.
>> ...
>> Is there any chance that the Windows installers for PyGTK etc could be
>> fixed for this case?
> Would be nice if the binary PyGTK packages for windows included
> msvcr71.dll if they depend on it. Many apps include this DLL.

Agreed, but it's really not necessary: msvcr71 is included with Python
2.5. It is not a problem of the file not being availble; the problem is
the PyGTK isn't finding the file, or (alternatively) that Python 2.5
isn't putting it in the right place (ie in the system32 folder -- by
there might be a good reason for that).

> John until that happens could you either: 1) have your custom installer
> stick msvcr71.dll in system32 if it doesn't exist. Or 2) add the python
> directory to the system path before installing PyGTK?

I suspect that the Python installer should perhaps be modified so that
msvcr71.dll is placed in the correct location. Alternatively, 'rpaths'
could maybe be encoded into the PyGTK and other DLLs so that the
required file is found automatically without modifications to the PATH.
If relative a rpath is works then this could be OK, conceivably.

I don't think that the correct route is to start bundling extra copies
of this file. If Python 2.5 insists on linking to it (as opposed to
MinGW which does not, with the result that MinGW and Python 2.5 code
can't communicate things like C-language FILE objects between each
other) then Python 2.5 should ensure that the DLL is in a place that
other dependent code (such as PyGTK ) can find.


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