[pygtk] PyGTK .app bundle for MacOS X?

_v_tiziano tiziano.lattisi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 16:09:58 WST 2006

2006/10/20, Tony Nelson <tonynelson at georgeanelson.com>:

> I found that a lot of a py2exe installer was language stuff for
> translations I did not have.  I wrote a script to purge them.  (It probably
> wouldn't work with py2app.)

I think we are talking about two different thing.
py2app (and py2exe) create a python application with encapsulated (in
a zip file) the python libraries needed.
But if you need gtk+ on the system you are installing this
application, you need to install'it (os store it in the application).

I'm talking about a OSX installer application (the .pkg file for the
OSX Aplication/Utility/Installer tool) that install gtk+ (cairo, glib,
pango, etc), and the pygtk library in the Python framework (the OSX
mechanism to manage different version of libraries).


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