[pygtk] Fileselectors/Aboutbox appearing under dialogs on Windows

Reidar Strand Hagen reidar.hagen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 19:09:44 WST 2006


Basically, I have two examples inside my program (which runs inside a
standard GtkWindow) which seem broken. A standard Dialog with buttons
which opens FileSelectors, but the fileselectors open *under* the
dialog calling them. Worse, I use the standard AboutDialog, and the
standard license and Credits popups appear under the AboutDialog (one
of them completely hidden). Everything is inited from glade files.

Sorry for not providing example code, but I've been unable to
reproduce this simply, as in all my small test-examples, everything is
working as you'd assume they should..  So basically I was hoping
somebody had encountered this problem before, or atleast could give me
some pointers on what to look for.

Microsoft XP Prof. w/SP2
Gtk+ 2.8.14-rc1
Python 2.4.3

Reidar Strand Hagen

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