[pygtk] Help: Problems with threads and pygtk

John Ehresman jpe at wingware.com
Fri Oct 6 02:27:06 WST 2006

David Hirschfield wrote:
> Yeah, I have that around my call to gtk.main(), although as far as I 
> know you shouldn't need it unless your thread code touches gtk widgets 
> or calls gtk functions.
> The code in my thread does none of that, it only accesses database 
> connections, sockets and some special xml-rpc stuff. There is no 
> crossover between the thread and the UI except via the synchronized 
> queue which handles requests, that's all.

Could it be occurring during gc?  You might use the debug flags in the 
gc module to help figure this out.  Could a gtk object be unref'd in a 
thread other than the main thread, where you other gtk operations are?



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