[pygtk] Windows pygtk pack

Johan Dahlin jdahlin at async.com.br
Sat Nov 4 06:13:41 WST 2006

Marcin Lewandowski wrote:
> Jarek Zgoda napisał(a):
>> This may be large download, so I suggest making 2 distributions: one
>> including GTK runtime and one without it.
>> Go and see how people from Gajim did this (http://www.gajim.org/).
> Gajim have 9mb download. It would be circa 20mb with python, pygtk and
> so on. Too big. So I would rather create native win32 version :(
> Thanks for reply,

Bittorrent did it in 4-5M when they used PyGTK, but that's using LZA
compression and Py2exe which is quite different from a complete install of

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