[pygtk] Windows pygtk pack

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at o2.pl
Fri Nov 3 21:29:26 WST 2006

Marcin Lewandowski napisał(a):

> I have another question related to my project.
> I've chosen pygtk to create portable app. But average windows install
> doesn't have pygtk/python etc. libs on system. So when I will be
> creating a windows installer of my app I have to install: python, gtk &
> pygtk.
> Are there any complete solutions for that, I mean one package that I can
> download, just unpack and work with it?

This may be large download, so I suggest making 2 distributions: one
including GTK runtime and one without it.

Go and see how people from Gajim did this (http://www.gajim.org/).

Jarek Zgoda

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