[pygtk] Core dump trying to get children of a Table widget

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Mar 23 21:57:39 WST 2006

Environment: Python 2.4.2, Gtk 2.6, PyGtk 2.6.?.

I like the inline completion in the Entry widget and want to set that
behavior in the FileChooserWidgets I create.  Discovering where in the
hierarchy that widget resides is proving to be a challenge.  I added a
little method to print the hierarchy of kids:

    def print_kids(self, w, level=0):
        print "%s%s" % (" "*level, w)
        if hasattr(w, "get_children"):
            for kid in w.get_children():
                self.print_kids(kid, level+1)

and called it in the obvious way:


It generates an error trying to get the children of a Table widget then
dumps core:

    <gtk.FileChooserDialog object (GtkFileChooserDialog) at 0x8a200f4>
     <gtk.VBox object (GtkVBox) at 0x8a354b4>
      <gtk.FileChooserWidget object (GtkFileChooserWidget) at 0x8a3548c>
       <gtk.FileChooserDefault object (GtkFileChooserDefault) at 0x8a356e4>
        <gtk.VBox object (GtkVBox) at 0x8a3570c>
         <gtk.Table object (GtkTable) at 0x8a35784>
    caught exception - quitting...
    TypeError: Cannot create a consistent method resolution
    order (MRO) for bases Editable, CellEditable, atk.ImplementorIface
    Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

A slightly different formulation yields the same results:

    def print_kids(self, w, level=0):
        print "%s%s" % (" "*level, w)
            kids = w.get_children()
        except AttributeError:
            for kid in kids:
                self.print_kids(kid, level+1)

I see no other obvious way to get the child widgets of a Table.

Is this a known bug?  Fixed in a perhaps later version of 2.6 or in 2.8?


Skip Montanaro

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