[pygtk] Upgrading to gnome-python-2.15.2 broke my App

Mystilleef mystilleef at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 06:54:50 WST 2006


I just upgraded to gnome-python-2.15.2 and now my application that uses
the gnomevfs module is totally broken. The problem is permissions. Earlier
versions of the gnomevfs modules had many permission constants missing.
So one had to derive the constants manually. Prior to gnome-python-2.15
the following code would have printed "You have permission to read."
Now, it prints "You don't have permission to read."

	if fileinfo.permissions & PERM_ACCESS_READABLE:
		print "You have permission to read"
		print "You don't have permission to read"

The resultant effect is that my application can't open or save any files
even on the local file system. Is this a bug? Is anyone else experiencing
this problem? This problem started only after I upgraded to


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